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Organic Skincare in Warwick, Rhode Island


Pamela J DeLory is the owner of Jahmeir Skincare Studio. Starting her journey in 1986, Pamela's career has taken her from all areas of this salon and spa industry. Pamela started her career in her hometown as a cosmetologist. Always loving hair and makeup has far back as 2 years old. Brushing her doll's hair and often over the years practicing on her friend's and family. Pamela has worked with and alongside some of the most talented professionals in the industry. Also working with photographers where she also expanded her career with building photo shoot sets and choosing wardrobe and jewelry for her models. Working with a photographer also opened up new doors to bridal and hair make up clients. Pamela also became an assistant photographer going out on wedding shoots and also doing boudoir and modeling photo shoots.

In the the 1990s Pamela moved her career into Rhode Island from Massachusetts. Shortly after moving to Rhode Island Pamela's health issues inspired her to dive into the skincare industry to be more health conscious for herself and clients. Doing so Pamela could offer her clients practical, healthy results oriented skincare options.

Moving to Rhode Island Pamela opened her first business called Glamour on the Move. Titled perfectly because the great majority of her services were on location for weddings and events throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Over the years and continually seeking out and obtaining advanced education, and learning more about medical treatments, Pamela had the opportunity to work with 2 doctors in Rhode Island. That experience was wonderful and very educational. But after a few years Pamela realized where he heart was, so she went back out on her own and in March 2015 opened Jahmeir Skincare.

Pamela not only provides amazing individualized client services, but she is committed to each and every client. She keeps in mind their needs and knowing each client is unique and has specified skin concerns. Pamela spends ample time during each session getting to know her clients, demands of their life, trials and misses with an industry of products that continues to flood the market daily. A home care regimen can often present a tremendous challenge to clients trying to choose the right skincare products for themselves. Pamela consults with each client, putting in place an easy, effective, and affordable home skincare regimen. Pamela feels this part of the session is just as important because they form a partnership for their client's success of achieving their skincare goals. This partnership will support the client and educate the client to understanding their issues as well as helping to maintain the health of their skin in between service sessions.

Pamela considers how clients feel about their self image and their skincare struggles one of their top priorities. Doing so it was important to choose clean, organic, effective products, some of the best in the industry. Client feedback after each session is that they feel and see a difference in their skin immediately and they look forward to using the products at home.

Yes, Pamela has been trained and educated in all the industry's leading treatments and machines, but mostly important to Pamela is personal attention and effective services, with personal consultation. You will receive beyond just a facial. It's an experience, a place where you can feel confident that your skincare concerns will be addressed and that there is hope for achieving your skincare goals.

In the last decade, women have realized that doing everything for everyone else and jam packing their daily schedule, that they are worth a session at Jahmeir studio. They also are educated that their daily stress, diet, and lack of sleep has tremendous effects on their skin. A visit to Jahmeir Skincare Studio you will find a place where you can leave all your stress, all that troubles you at the door that Pamela will assist you with more than just a facial but what you deserve.

Example Qualifications

Key Qualifications:

Aroma Therapy

Various Body Wraps

Body Treatments

Hair Removal

Specialty Qualifications:

Dermal Ultrasound/Ultrasound facials


Glycolic Peels

Collagen Facials

Bridal Makeup Artistry

Vitamin C Facials



Lash Lift

Last Tint

Brow Tint

Advanced Training:



M.D. Formulation

Dermalogica: Face Mapping

Color Theory

Hair Co/Paul Mitchell

Hands on Training: Obagi/Skin Medica

Skin Ceuticals

Eminence Organics

Makeup Forever

John Shag Hair Company


Hydra Facial

Hylunia Jelly Masks

Hylunia Aloe Fresh Rose Petal Jelly Mask

Hylunia Aloe Orange Jelly Mask


Green Tea Tree Hydrojelly Mask

Hyluronic Acid Hydrojelly Mask

Gold Jellymask

AHA-BHA Hydrojelly Mask

Medical Training

Candela/Medical Peels

Coolglide Laser





Feed the Children

Battered Women's Shelter




Holistic Health / Ayurveda Skincare & Health / Lifestyle

Creative Writing

Example Work History

2006-2008 Worked with Local Dermatologist Ellen H. Frankel, M.D.

2005- Local Dr Stokoe Laser Work and Training

Medical Training / Candela / Medical Peels


"The Skin"

"The largest organ of the body is the skin. The skin is a living organ that has several functions. It helps to control body temperatures, protect vital organs, secretes waste and to protect you from disease. The skin, being one of the most significant organs of the human body, often is not cared for properly. Skin requires nourishment, hydration, and exfoliation, as well as stimulation. In order to achieve healthy skin, it is advised to do the following.

It is key to receive regular monthly facials. Also it is equally important to follow a regular skin care regimen. A regimen customized for your skin type. Start today keeping your skin forever healthy and radiant"

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