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What to expect:

Pamela treats the skin the way it presents itself at the time of the Salon and Spa service. So, every session is personalized and customized. She starts each session with a review and asks the client if there is any particular issue they need to address at that time. After the relaxing Salon and Spa session, expect to receive hand outs of new information, services and helpful skincare tips, often pertaining to Holistic treatments, products, and doctors and therapists, if needed, as well as samples.


At this time, Jahmeir will be placing all retail orders on the 15th of each month. If you are wanting to try and order something new, to better serve you, please call before the 15th to ensure your items are replenished and you will be about to try something new item

We do offer custom orders however at the time of placing these orders it is required that these orders be paid in full prior to being placed and or at time of placement.

Salon Tips:

The 1st 15 minutes of your appointment will be used to get you registered and for you to fill out a brief health in take form. Then followed by a brief consult and instruction of your treatment to be received.

Wear/bring something comfortable to wear

Contacts-bring supplies/ solution for sensitive eyes for a more comfortable session

Trying to get pregnant/are pregnant: please inform staff in time of booking


We appreciate but at this time they will be no longer can be processed through credit/debit card.

Cell phones in the treatment room

We know it’s important be able to contact loved ones and employers but to get the full benefit of your service and others around you it’s best for you to have your phone on silent. Keep interruptions at a minimum.

Weddings/Prom/Special Occasion Policies:

A) Deposits are required at time of booking

B) The is a extra fee for travel and or out of state events

C) The is a extra fee for Holiday and Sunday bookings

D) The will be an extra fee for all parties over 8 and more

F) All pricing is available upon request.

Note: pre-wedding day/special occasion trials can also be scheduled by request

Gift Certificates

Are available in any denomination we request you call Pamela and arrange a time and or an appointment to purchase a gift certificate or any other gift.

For any other questions and additional information please call Pamela J. DeLory at

(401)- 594-2851

We look forward to hearing from you and want to Thank You for your business and continued business.

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