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Fall/Winter Pumpkin Facial

Pumpkin treatment and facials are amazingly beneficial to the skin. Pumpkin contains vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and phyto chemicals

Several other components are also in pumpkin such as active minerals, a true super-food because it also contains an abundance of vitamin “A”

Pumpkins and its seeds are one thing that have been ingested/eaten for many centuries and are used for holistic medicinal purposes. The content of the pumpkins enzymatic properties allow skincare professionals and estheticians to resurface and exfoliate dry dehydrated dead skin cells. This reveals a youthful, smooth, and more radiant complexion underneath the surface of the skin. Your skin will be glowing. Most clients will achieve this glow and these results from choosing pumpkin as their mask of choice during their session.

Pumpkin is recommended also because it assists and treats hyper-pigmentation, vitality loss, dryskin, dry break out acne prone skin, as well as dry aging skin.

🌼🌞When’s the last time you had a Facial ? If you can’t remember it’s time to see what you have been missing!

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