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Client Testimonials

Pam is awesome! 5/13/18

Everything is always great! - Kim Howland 5/13/18

Great experience! - Brenda Richards 10/28/20

I have been a client of Pamela's for a year and a half. I have had facials and waxing and have been totally happy with both. The facials are so relaxing and melt away any stress I have. After my first appointment I received compliments on my skin! For someone who was struggling with adult acne for several years this was big! Pamela takes the time to really treat my skin. It is always glowing afterwords. I always look forward to my appointments! - Nicole H *Jan 2018

I started seeing Pamela about 9 months ago when my skin was in major crisis. I had deep painful break outs that I couldn’t control. To make matters worse: if/when I could get my acne under control my skin was still dull, dry and damaged from all of the harsh products I was using. Desperate for help, I started regularly receiving treatment from Pamela and using products that were gentle but effective for my skin. About six months into treatment I had a make-up trial for a wedding I was a bridesmaid in. I was nervous for her to have an up close look at my skin since I am so used to hiding it. Embarrassed, I apologized to the make-up artist for my problematic skin but she told me she struggles with acne too and to stick it out because my skin looked like it was well hydrated and healing. Fast forward 6 months and the same make-up artist did my make up for the wedding and she was AMAZED at my progress. She told me I was like a totally different person. She said my skin was absolutely glowing (and clear!). Not only did she remark on it's tone/clarity, but she also told me the texture was 100% different. My skin was smooth and hydrated all over. She literally could not stop remarking on it. 9 months later I am fortunate to have no scarring, no new break-outs and brighter more vibrant skin. Pamela has truly been a gift to my skin and my overall self-esteem and self-image. She has been essential to my process and I’m happy that my face clearly shows it! lizzy m * 2/27/17

"I have been to Pamela three times and cannot wait to see her for the fourth time. She is wonderful, experienced, relaxing, there aren't enough words to explain. And I especially love all the positive comments and results from everyone. I never thought I would leave my house without makeup on, but I have been since getting my Facial from Pamela. You leave her just waiting for the next appointment !!!!!!! Can you spell distressed ? , that is how you feel all the while she is working on you and when it is over." ~Maureen Pierce *Jan /30/2016

“I have been a client for over 20 years. I have had spa facials, microdermabrasion, body scrubs, up do’s and full makeup. My favorite service has got to be facials. From entering the room which is warm and inviting to the candles lit around the room to the relaxing sounds coming from the stereo, you feel so comfortable. From the great aromas of the products to the gentle touch and technique that Pamela uses, you will feel and look great. I would certainly recommend Jahmeir Skincare Studio to my family and friends.”~Michele M *Jan/15/2015

Pam Thank You for everything you do! All the attention you give your practice and methods is always apparent in turn making me feel and look better no matter what service I choose. I am very lucky and greatly appreciative to have such a fantastic Esthetician .You are always finding innovative, natural processes and techniques and ways to treat me, to your calm demeanor plus offering awesome lines of products. I can't Thank You enough for the excellent care I receive , EVERY TIME I visit. Your welcoming smile and wonderful manner every appointment with you is so comforting and assuring... I am totally in love with the back facials you give, such a boost for the dry skin especially after the harsh New England winter! ANY of the many Facials I have received always finds me leaving with a refreshing and renewed glow!

Your compassion is exemplary...I feel so much better about myself, especially when I look in the mirror! Definitely I would recommend Pam to family and friends and I have already done so and will continue to..even my boyfriend has gone to her for his 1st Facial ever!!! ~S.Patel, East Greenwich * April / 2015

Pamela, I just can't Thank You enough for all you have done for my skin!! After experiencing many years of problematic skin, the results have been amazing. And, I can honestly say that my confidence in my appearance has increased significantly!!! I have been coming to you for over 18 years now,and the results speak for themselves. The variation of treatments you are able to provide, and the products you choose to utilize and represent really makes a difference in my ongoing regimen.! ~D.D. May / 2015

Pamela DeLory has been my Esthetician for several years now. I have had Spa Facials, Ultrasound Facials ,Collagen Facials & Makeup Application. I have never been unhappy with any of her services. She is Extremely knowledgeable of her craft. She makes sure that she keeps up with the constant updates/changes in her field and most of all she is very correct in her assessment of each customers skin status and needs as well as, in the case of makeup application. The correct coloring in order to enhance your natural beauty and /or correct any areas of features. She is very customer service oriented and her character and ethics professional as well as personality are flawless. She is accommodating and always keeps her customers needs foremost in her mind. I recommend her services and Pamela herself very highly.

Thank You! ~Clara A. Borges *4/19/2015

“I started going to Pam about six or seven years ago for waxing and facials. I’ve always been happy with her services and products, I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do my eyebrow waxing. When I go in for facials they are not only relaxing and enjoyable, but Pam also takes the time to explain the characteristics of my skin and what products would help in keeping it balanced and healthy. The products she carries are some of the best I’ve ever used. Aside from her wonderful services, knowledge of skin care and professionalism, Pam is a great friend and I look forward to seeing her every time I make an appointment.”~Liz R.*3/15/2015

“Pamela has been my skincare specialist for nearly 20 years. My skincare needs have changed over the years and Pamela has always considered my maturing skin. She has introduced new products and treatments that are best suited for my personal needs. Her continued education of new products available, skincare knowledge, innovative skills and techniques, and her business professionalism is appreciated and recognized at every level.

Pamela’s website compliments who she is in the skincare industry and reflects what she believes in. Her trendy approach to a more natural and holistic skincare treatment is a welcome offering. Her products are specially formulated and are aromatically pleasing. Of course, what the products do for the face is amazingly beneficial.

Skincare Studio is well appointed and functional. Her soothing music compliments the serene atmosphere. Her gentle ministration is always a welcome treat. Your personal skincare needs and product wants can all be satisfied at her studio. Pamela, I’m taking this opportunity to thank you for the many years of meeting my individual and personal skincare needs. I couldn’t be any more pleased or satisfied!”~Elizabeth *Jan/15/2015 

Pam has transformed my hair from fine and shapeless to full and stylish. I love my new haircut! Not only is my hair looking amazing, but so is my skin. She has been my Esthetician now for 8 years and my skin looks and feels radiant! My daughter also gets her waxing and brows done as well as her Teen Facials. She said Pam is her skincare specialist for life!!! A true professional who knows her business and really cares about her clients. Thank You Pam! You are the best!

~Paula B. *April/2015

I have been seeing Pamela for my skincare regime for about 5 years. Her Location is convenient and easy to get to. I receive Facials from Pamela every 6 weeks and it has made a huge difference in my skin. I enjoy going to see Pamela, she is very knowledgeable , friendly, and helpful. Pamela is also very flexible with her appointments (especially working with clients with busy work schedules). She is easy to talk to and makes every appointment relaxing and enjoyable.

T.W. *April/2015

In my experience with Pamela, which has been over the last 20 years. I have always found her completely professional and certainly a most delightful person. She is continually educating herself,taking courses,attending seminars,learning new methods and techniques to introduce to her lucky clients. Her devotion to her clients is as impressive as her nurturing nature. A Facial with Pamela is an hour of escape and pure relaxation!!! ~ Meredith Sackett *3/15/2015

"Within minutes of the first Facial appointment I had with Pam I knew I had found a very special comforting haven from the fast paced, stress-filled world outside her doors! Pam selected a Collagen Facial for me that was so rejuvenating that I truly looked like I had just returned from a week's vacation the next day! It was exactly what I needed! And the amazing thing is, the beneficial effects of her special Facials are only half the story! Her method of treatments and routine provides full body relaxation! It is an experience I wholeheartedly recommend as magnificent revitalizing treat for your body and soul!! ~Judy DiCenzo, *March 2015 Senior Manger, Corporate Communications     

“Pamela at Jahmeir Skincare is the best Esthetician I've been to. I've been getting treatments for almost a year now. She has really made a difference to my skin. I had oily skin and acne as well as dullness when I first came in to see Pamela. My skin issues started to resolve even after the very first treatment and continued to improve. I have been getting so many compliments about my skin. The ultrasound facial is my favorite, but I also had excellent results with the microdermabrasion and the basic facial. The products are wonderful --- not only do they smell incredible, they are made from natural ingredients and are effective and healthy! I always look forward to my treatments. They are always so relaxing and I feel renewed and de-stressed after my visits with her. Not only is she a talented Esthetician, but she is also very sweet and conscientious and she teaches me about skincare and staying healthy. All of these factors keep me coming back every month! Thank you, Pamela.”~Lynn W.*March/2015

“Pam has been taking care of all my skin needs for almost 8 years. My eyebrows were uneven and over plucked and she transformed them into perfect arcs. She is extremely knowledgeable about products, skin issues and diet influences. She uses natural organic products without chemicals and has helped me create a blemish-free face! She is a sweetheart and I love my appointments with her!”~Jillian Mangan*March/2015

I am so grateful to have become a client of Pamela DeLory at Jahmeir Skincare Studio in Warwick, RI

Her expertise and skincare products have dramatically improved the appearance of my skin. Pamela always has her client’s best interests at heart. Each visit is designed specifically to you and to you alone. The ambience is lovely, soothing, and relaxing. I promise to you will leave totally pampered and rejuvanted.

I have and will continue to recommend Pamela to all my friends without hesitation.

~Cynthia Smith

I am long overdue in telling you how much I enjoyed your facial. I’m not sure of what you used through the entire session on my skin but something smelled delicious. For the rest of the day I would catch a whiff and just love it. Thanks for a wonderful treatment, my skin looks great. See you soon for another wonderful smelling and feeling treatment.


I have never had a better facial in my life. In the past, I would never be seen in public without makeup and most especially following a facial treatment. By the time Pam finishes with you, your face will literally glow without a stitch of makeup. And even better, the glow lasts for a week or more. I would highly recommend the collagen facial. Her prices are extremely reasonable and it will be one of the most relaxing experience you can do for yourself.

~Joyce Cranston, RI

I have been a loyal and satisfied client of Pamela DeLory for approximately 5 years. Priror to meeting Mrs. DeLory I tried numerous topical applications and regiments to battle my skin issues. I endured many visits to dermatologists and courses of medication with mediocre results at best. I took advantage of Pam’s micro dermabrasion special at my hair salon and saw immediate results and have been a loyal client ever since. Not only am I happy with the products and the results of my treatments, I am more impressed with Pam’s passion and knowledge for her industry. As a Law Enforcement Officer I am exposed to many different people and personalities on a daily basis. Pam is genuinely dedicated to her client’s success and diligent about educating them on how to maintain their skin. She has gone above and beyond to educate me on the products I am using and how to properly apply them. In a profession where I am consistently in the public eye and exposed to the elements I needed a program where I could feel confidence that at my time (and money) was being put to good use. I found that with Pam DeLory.

~Officer Christine Warcup Poncia, CSI Newport Police

Pam is an amazing lady. She is extremely knowledgeable about skin care. She gives great advice, even if the advice I am seeking does not correspond with the product she sells. Her facials are pure bliss. They are my treat to myself. She goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and personalize the experience. She is very flexible and always able to accommodate my scheduling needs. A facial with Pam is a must have for everyone. I have referred to sever other individuals to her, as they hear me rave about my facials and wanted to know where I could get one. I will continue to go to Pam for facials as long as she in business. I haven’t found anyone else that I enjoy working with as much as her. If you are looking for a couple hours to recharge yourself, go to Pam. She never disappoints.

~Lynn O

I have known Pamela DeLory for approximately 20 years as both a friend and a client. Pamela has always been the type of person that gives her all to everything that she does and takes pride in doing so. She has been the cosmetology/skincare industry as long as we have known each other, always educating and driving herself in order to advance her skills. I have been a client for many years and have been pleased with all that she has done for me. I have also known Pamela to know the importance of marketing and selling of available products and services.

I am in the customer service industry myself and would consider Pamela DeLory a professional in her field.

~Angelo Manni

Pamela DeLory is a true professional who is passionate about what she does and truly cares about her clients.

My Son has been a client of Pamela’s for about 8 years now. It was just the luck of the draw that she was assigned as our esthetician at the dermatologist’s office and how lucky we are that she was.

My son had severe cystic acne on his face and was extremely self conscious about it. Pamela put him right at ease and listened to his concerns. We noticed improvement right away. When Pamela convinced the dermatologists to invest in an ultrasound machine, she recommended we try that as part of his treatment. I will admit i was skeptical that the ultrasound treatments would work - I had never heard of using ultra sounds to treat acne. The results were amazing and almost immediate. I wish we had taken before pictures to be able to document the huge change. The results have been so wonderful on his face that she also works on his chest and back.

I think it’s important to note that he was not on any acne medication and while the dermatologist prescribed creams for him to try, the ultrasound treatments had such dramatic results that he barely used them. Not only has his acne cleared up, but there is absolutely no scarring.

Pamela takes her time with him and myself answering any questions and listening to our concerns. She takes these concerns into consideration when recommending products and treatments. She truly wants her clients to be happy with how their skin looks.

I have been impressed with Pamela that I have also now become a client of hers and wouldn’t go to anyone else. I continue to be impressed with her passion and compassion as well as her deep knowledge and care of skin in general. I would highly recommend her to friends and colleagues (and have).

~Renee Bourbonniere

This is my personal recommendation for Pamela DeLory esthetician. I have known Pamela for over ten years and have always known her to be an organized, responsible, and easygoing individual. Pamela is impeccably groomed, warm, and friendly.

She is a stickler for cleanliness and sanitation. She keeps a clean table and washes her hands before she begins touching your face. Pamela gives you relaxing facial customized to your skin and advises you on what products are best suited for your skin without being pushy. She can do extractions without causing too much discomfort and is responsive to your pain threshold. She explains what she is doing and why. She also recognizes skin problems that require a dermatologist. If you have a problem that needs a medical doctor, she will let you know. She has good hands and her massages are wonderful.

Pamela follows your lead in terms of how much “chat” there is. It’s your time!

~Doris Gonsalves

Pamela and I met each other at work several years ago. We were surprised to find out we both grew up close to each other. I started having facials with Pamela about 8 years ago. My skin was out of balance and difficult for me to manage. Over the years I have microdermabrasion, chemical peels, ultrasounds facials they all helped and Pamela treated my skin the way it needed the day of my appointment. She always explained why she recommended that service. Each session a learning experience and results oriented. When I hit a bump in the road with my skin Pamela took the reins and helped me through it. Her approach is clean, natural, and rebalancing. Her room is peaceful, calm, and quiet. Such aroma always inviting. Pamela is always moving forward with production selection to even the music. My skin has improved and the products help to work on my issues in between services. Pamela greets you warmly and sends you home with your skin transformed, your homecare advice and samples. Samples are great for me because my skin can be so tricky. I have always enjoyed my appointments.

Thanks for all you have done for me and my skin.

~Alicia Mattherson

As a young woman I had too much fun in the sun. I didn’t realize how much my skin suffered until I saw Pamela at Jahmier skincare studio. When you arrive and step through the door, you are welcomed by a smile and a friendly handshake. The atmosphere and smell immediately brings you to a place of calm and warmth. The room is clean organized and takes you away from the stress of your day. Pamela is informative, helpful, honest about where your needs are and how we can work as a team to regain the health of my skin. The very first facial I was blown away with my improvements. My puffy eyes were gone, my skin glowing, clean, and rehydrated. I learned so much but it was relaxing. Pamela give you a great balance. The products are very high quality but also clean, organic, and affordable. My skin has greatly improved and I will continue getting my facials and services with Pamela for many years to come.

Thank you so much for all you do and offer. Best of luck going forward.

~Sandra Jubert

Pamela gives great facials. She is the type of person who will take all her time to please you and give you the best facial you’ve ever had. Pamela uses the best products for your face. She will go all the lengths to make you happy. She will become a good friend and will always be concerned about giving you the best facial to improve your looks and make your face glow.

~Barbara Alessadro

I have had the privilege of knowing Pamela DeLory professionally and personally for about eight years. She is very hardworking and organized. She is very concientious and easy going. She always goes above and beyond to make her clients feel comfortable. She would be tremendous asset to any business. I recommend Pamela without any reservation.

~Melissa Wright


My facial was great, my skin feels so smooth! Looks good too! Thank you! C..S. 5/13/21

Such a great experience! Can't wait to schedule my next appointment! -Tamara 7/29/21

My skin feels great! Thank you for the face SPF options. Thanks for all the info! -Bob I. 8/31/21

Thank you!!! Best treat ever!!! D.S. -Summer 2021

Wonderful! Can't wait for my next visit! -Pamela DePaolo 11/21

Best relaxing time after the holiday! It is a must at least once a month! -Pamela DePaolo 12/29/21

Thank You for the facial!!! Loved it!!!!

=Missy 12/21

Thanks for sending me the name & picture of the foundation!

My skin feels amazing and yes I throughly enjoyed my visit yesterday-I WILL BE BACK!

=Cathy O’Leary - 10/30/21

My face looks good! You did an amazing job with my face yesterday! Paula B - 11/21

*My skin is radiant ,& eyebrows look gorgeous. you are simply the best in the biz! ~Paula B

*Thank You again.... the experience wS amazing.. my skin feels more hydrated today for sure. ~Rene R.

*My skin looks incredible !!! You're amazing ~Jeanette Magnella

*Hi Pam! Can't wait til Tuesday for my appointment! ~Justine M.

*My skin is feeling great Thank you so much! ~Gemma

*You're the best and my skin feels awesome! ~Lynn W.

* You are so talented and my skin looks unbelievable every time I leave you! Thanks for all you do and all the helpful tips and information. ~Just great! ~Barbara A.

* Can not wait to my FACIAL appointment I need to relax! ~ T.W.

* My face looks fabulous and feels great. Thank You ! ~ Betty T.

*Wow I never had a Facial service like that! I hated when it was over ! But , my skin has never looked so good and feels so much better. Thank You so much. ~ D.T.

My Skin looks and feels muscles were so relaxed when I got home. It was worth it just for that terrific TMJ massage. I slept great. Thank You Pam

Big difference from when I went in for my Facial appointment. My head and neck/face tension is all gone!!

Thank You

~P. Bucci

I FaceTime with my daughter and she said my face was looking really good!!!!! Thanks to you!!!!! I can't wait for my next session. Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!


I really love that Glowbiotics eye cream!

And my daughter says Thanks for all her samples !


Just checking in to

See how your skin is doing after doing your new service Microneedling.

It’s so great! Thanks for what you do!


Thanks for checking in Pamela... I feel wonderful & my skin is glowing!


My skin looks & feels great!


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